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Section 11 Agreement Caribou
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«Caribou recovery is at the heart of this process,» said Chetwynd Mayor Allen Courtoreille. «Only by working together can we move forward to take meaningful steps to heal caribou. And yet, the province excluded local government from the beginning. «For thousands of years, caribou have given us food, clothing and tools to survive the harsh winters. They`re not just animals for us. They are our brothers and sisters, our friends and our ancestors. Caribou have been suffering for decades as their habitat is being destroyed little by little. They need us now, all of us. This partnership agreement gives us hope. This means that help is on the way. Roland Willson, Chief of Western First Nations Section 11 of the Federal Species at Risk Act, allows the federal government to enter into a conservation agreement with another government, organization or person to help an endangered species or improve its survival in the wild. Such agreements shall provide for the adoption of conservation measures and any other measures consistent with the objectives of the Species at Risk Act, including monitoring of the status of the species; develop and implement education and awareness programmes; develop and implement recovery strategies, action plans and management plans; protection of the species` habitat; and the implementation of research projects to support restoration efforts for the species. The partnership agreement covers three caribou populations in the northeast. But the rest of the province is covered by a draft Section 11 agreement covering an area from Mackenzie to the U.S. border.

There are serious concerns that the province will follow a similar path and the agreement signed today will serve as a model for the rest of the province. Home » Newswire » AB Government: Sec. 11 Agreement gives safety to industry In the face of growing pressure to protect caribou forests, the federal government and the Government of Alberta have signed a conservation agreement that aims to restore declining herds in the province. . . .

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