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Carrier Dispatch Agreement Template
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1762 Ridgewood Cir. Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025 Phone: 812-637-3251 Fax: 302-450-4181 New carrier configuration information we need from you to set up as a new carrier: 1. Signing of carrier broker agreement 2. Copy Instructions: (Please fax or send completed documents) Fax: 1-855-631-4174 o Fill o Copy o Copy o initial o Insurance out Carrier profile of Common Carrier Authority Company 10 MULTIPLE TRUCK OPERATION Please complete this form if you are a transportation company with more than one (1) truck working under your authority. Truck # trailer # Type etrlr MaxW in weight driver cell Instructions: 1. Does the assigned driver have the right to make the loading decision for you? 2. Does the driver need a copy of the cargo confirmation? 3. Do we have to carry out the first detachment of the driver, or will you be? 4. Other: Thank you for your interest in SIGNATURE LOGISTICS, INC. To set up your business in our carrier system, the following information is required. Signed contract Carrier agreement (return both parties) Motor Carrier Leads Website Database Terrain codes Ph: Jan.

2013 Field name Description Docket number FHWA assigned number to identify each carrier, MC = motor transport driver, FF = carrier, MX = Mexican The following information is required for us to configure your company as an authorized carrier for TRANSPORT WORLDWIDE, LLC. Back to: TRANSPORT WORLDWIDE, LLC 307 Oates Road Suite H Mooresville, Carrier Packet Requirements National Transportation Services, LLC looks forward to working with you. Attached are our carrier requirements, points 1 to 9 below reflect the documentation you are Attention: 576 Valley Rd, #234 Tel: (973) 333-4922 Fax: (973) 595-7720 From: Date: Cheryl Biron I would like to take this time to thank you for your interest in becoming a qualified carrier for One Horn 8 PART-IV: FACTORING INFORMATION: If you use a factoring service, please provide us with the following information. This ensures that we only use brokers that have been approved by your factoring company. FACTORING COMPANY CONTACT: TELEPHONE: FAX: WEBSITE: BILLING ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: PART-V: INSURANCE INFORMATION: Please note: We require our carriers to be responsible for at least US$1 million and to abide by $100 in freight insurance. INSURANCE COMPANY: CONTACT: TELEPHONE: FAX: ADDRESS: LOCATION: STATE: PLZ: 1 DISPATCHER CARRIER AGREEMENT This contract is called THAT day, 20, by and between «GRAYLEAF MANAGEMENT GROUP INC», hereinafter referred to as DISPATCHER, and hereinafter referred to as CARRIER. WHILE DISPATCHER is a transport distributor that carries out the necessary documents between a shipper and the carrier to secure the «cargo» for the carrier. CONSIDERING that the carrier is a motor vehicle carrier under the jurisdiction of the ICC: accordingly, taking into account the following promises and agreements made by and between the parties, it is mutually agreed: SHIPPER`S COMMITMENTS: 1.

The sender agrees to do paperwork, telephone; Calls by fax, by the broker or shipper, to issue a call for tenders for shipments of goods to CARRIER for intergovernmental transport by CARRIER between points and places within the scope of CARRIER`s operating authority. 2. The shipper has no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between the shipper and the carrier. 3. The DISPATCHER will make: a) 100% effort to keep trucks loaded. b) THE CARRIER is contacted by each load we offer and the driver will accept or refuse the cargo. c) to invoice the CARRIER at the time of service; Also provide a copy of each charge confirmation sheet for which CARRIER is charged. 4.

CARRIER agrees to pay a furnishing fee of $75 usd and a flat fee of $34.99 per load after the first installation. 5. The carrier gives the shipper the authority to provide its signature for tariff confirmation sheets, invoices and related documents necessary for securing freight and invoicing. The terms of this Agreement shall be permanent, provided that either Party may report it to the other Party by 30 days` notice. . . .

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