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Almega Collective Agreement
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Sweden has one of the highest levels of trade union organisation in the world. In Sweden, trade unions play an important role and many people regard collective agreements and trade unions as natural elements of working life. The combination of labour law and social dialogue, in which collective agreements are negotiated between employers and trade unions in each sector, is often referred to as the Swedish model. What is a collective agreement? A collective agreement is a written agreement on terms and conditions of employment between two or more parties that binds the members of the parties to what has been agreed. These parties are an employers` organisation (like the Swedish information technology and telecommunications industry) which represents employers and a trade union (such as Sveriges Ingenjörer, Civilekonomerna, Jusek, Unionen and SEKO) which represents its members. These govern rights and obligations in the workplace. All contractual benefits and rights are automatically included in your employment contract. The collective agreement also means that, for the good of you and your employees, dialogue and collective bargaining ensure insight and influence, for example upstream of important decisions and changes in the workplace or in the industry. The agreements protect against discrimination in the workplace and guarantee compensation in the event of illness, death and accidents at work. Industrial adjustment (Branschanpassade), flexible collective agreements The Swedish information technology and telecommunications industry concludes collective agreements on the wages and general conditions of employment of IT and telecommunications companies.

Our standard contracts can be used by anyone who buys and sells IT and telecommunications services. The contracts comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, therefore, with the changes that this implies for the entire processing of personal data. Are you working or planning to work as a teacher in Sweden? Here you will find useful information about the Swedish model of social dialogue, collective agreements and your rights as workers. The collective agreement signed by the company applies to virtually all workers, whether or not they are members of a union. As provided for in the above-mentioned collective agreements, a member company must take out the corresponding policies with FORA (for workers/employees) and/or Alecta through Collectum (for employees). Since fees are collected retroactively in the event of a delay, it is important to inform the competent insurer immediately. A commercial contract contains two sections – a single section for the specific agreement and a general section that is composed of a standard contract. Contracts based on our standard contracts can be concluded quickly and require relatively little legal knowledge. For the standard contract to be part of the individual contract, the regular rule is that the counterparty must be familiar with the content of the standard contract. This objective is achieved by the annex of the standard contract to the individual contract. Our interpretation of the agreement is that employers have an obligation to invite Lärarförbundet and Lärarnas Riksförbund to an opening meeting at which it is a question of discussing the framework conditions for the salary review and, among other things, of having the opportunity to dialogue on the conclusion of a locally adapted bargaining contract. .

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