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(a) Postpaid: Payment may be made through an authorized payment from your bank account or selected credit cards (which may be required to receive certain services). You can also make a one-time payment with selected credit cards, by cheque (mail), through your bank, either through your website, by bank phone, or in person at most financial institutions. If you provide Solo, for your monthly payments, with a credit card or bank account (or any other pre-authorized payment method), you authorize Solo to charge your credit card or debit your account with all outstanding fees, additional fees, applicable taxes and bank accounts due under this Agreement, including all applicable fees for late payments and cancellation fees, to incriminate. You confirm that the credit card or bank account from which you authorized the payment is valid in your name and has not expired. Your up-to-date and authorized credit card information is displayed in your customer account profile under, and the latest authorized bank account information is available in your pre-authorized withdrawal authorization form. For customers outside quebec, Solo may charge fees to your account in addition to the taxes incurred if your payment is refused by your financial institution due to insufficient resources. This fee is intended to compensate for the costs incurred by Solo. Unless otherwise specified, third-party software, documentation or content (including TV content such as Video on Demand) provided to you by Bell MTS, its representatives or business partners to enable you to access the Service, owned by Bell MTS, its representatives, licensors or business partners, and you get a limited license for that service. You must take appropriate measures to protect the software, documentation or content of third parties from loss or damage. Use of such software, documentation and content by third parties is subject to these terms, which are set forth in any agreement with the software, documentation and content of third parties, including, but not limited to, applicable license agreements. In the event of any opposition between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of an applicable license agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall take precedence. Unless otherwise stated, third-party content may not be downloaded or transferred between devices or devices and, where applicable, may only be displayed during the relevant observation period. All other rights are reserved to Bell MTS or licensor.

If you abuse third-party content, your license terminates immediately and that content must be removed and disabled. Does Bell have any rules about my use of services, networks or devices? Yes. Bell encourages all its customers to use the Services responsibly. Misuse or misuse of services, networks or devices affects all customers, and this is something Bell takes very seriously – and which can lead to termination of your agreement or criminal or civil prosecution. Bell may immediately suspend, restrict, modify or terminate all or any part of your services and modify or disable your device without notice, or take any other necessary protective measures if Bell has reasonable grounds to believe that it is a violation of any of these provisions. For example, you are strictly prohibited from using, facilitating or authorizing the use of services or your material for any unlawful purpose, criminal or civil offense, intellectual property infringement, harassment (including cyberbullying, cybercrime, annoying, intimidating or offensive calls/transmissions) or in a manner contrary to the law, regulation or policies of an internet host; (b) installing, using or authorizing the use of the Services without reading and accepting (or breaching) the terms of a separate license agreement or terms of use for the use of software, content (including PC mobile content) and/or documentation (if any) in connection with the Services; (c) enable, facilitate or authorize the transmission of unwanted messages such as spamming or phishing. . .


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