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In March 1974, trade union supporters withdrew their support for the agreement and asked the Republic of Ireland to repeal Articles 2 and 3 of its Constitution (these articles would not be revised until after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement). The 1998 Good Friday Agreement (GFA), on which the current system of decentralisation in Northern Ireland is based, is similar to that of Sunningdale. [5] Irish politician Séamus Mallon, who participated in the negotiations, called the agreement «Sunningdale for slow learners.» This claim has been criticized by political scientists such as Richard Wilford and Stefan Wolff. The former said that «it`s… [Sunningdale and Belfast] have considerable differences, both in terms of the content and circumstances of their negotiation, implementation and implementation.» [6] There is little agreement on the exact date of the start of the riots. Several authors have proposed different data. These include the creation of the modern Ulster Volunteer Force in 1966,[61] of the Civil Rights March in Derry on May 5, 1966. October 1968, the beginning of the «Battle of Bogside» on August 12, 1969 or the deployment of British troops on August 14, 1969. [52] The Unionists were divided over Sunningdale, which was also rejected by the IRA, whose objective remained nothing less than the end of Northern Ireland`s existence within the United Kingdom. Many trade unionists rejected the concept of power-sharing and argued that it was not possible to share power with the (nationalists) who sought to destroy the state. But perhaps more important is the Unionist opposition to the «Irish dimension» and the Irish Council, which is considered a purely Irish parliament. Statements by a young SDLP councillor, Hugh Logue, to an audience at Trinity College Dublin that Sunningdale is «the tool for transporting Unionists to a united Ireland» have also damaged the chances of significant union support for the agreement. In January 1974, Brian Faulkner was narrowly removed as UUP leader and replaced by Harry West.

The British general election of February 1974 gave anti-Sunningdale trade unionists the opportunity to test the opinion of trade unionists with the slogan «Dublin is only a Sunningdale away», and the result gave their support: they won 11 of the 12 seats and won 58% of the vote, most of the others went to nationalists and pro-Sunningdale trade unionists. [52] [113] In the 1700s, Parliament gained more independence from Westminster, and in 1793 criminal laws were relaxed in response to secret Catholic societies that mounted against their landowners (and were in turn punished by Protestant groups).

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